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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Launched International Online Campaign #MyUkraineIs

To develop public diplomacy, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is launching an international online campaign #MyUkraineIs aimed at promoting our country abroad.

www.myukraineis.org was created as a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Information Policy and StratCom.UA. The website is a platform to tell the world about Ukraine and its history. #MyUkraineIs is the hashtag of the campaign.

The website is as an online version of the booklet “Ukraine: Freedom, Dignity, Creativity” presented in the MFA on November 30. The website goes further, by allowing users to generate content by themselves.

Anyone may share information about Ukraine and outstanding Ukrainians online using the “Add your story” button.

The best suggestions will be considered by experts and if approved, added to the website to tell the world about Ukraine in an exciting way.

To escape from existing clichés and stereotypes about Ukraine is a central idea of the project.

Ukrainian foreign diplomatic missions, Ukrainian communities abroad and our foreign partners will be involved in the #MyUkraineIs campaign.

Follow the campaign on the official pages of Foreign Ministry and Ukrainian foreign diplomatic institutions on Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte, Google+.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites everyone to promote the site www.myukrianeis.org and add your own facts about Ukraine.

1. #MyUkraineIs a human dignity as the highest social value.

Human dignity is the principle virtue which empowers Ukrainians and gives us a passion to fight and win.

2. #MyUkraineIs the volunteers.

After the Revolution of Dignity, Russia resorted to direct military aggression: first occupied Crimea, then invaded Eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army, devastated by previous governments, was revived by the enormous efforts of civil society.

3. #MyUkraineIs at least 10 Ukrainians illegally detained in Russia. They were kidnapped and tortured.

4. We invite you to spend holidays in Ukraine and visit our attractive cities to discover the real culture and traditions of Eastern Europe.

5. ‪#‎MyUkraineIs home to people of 130+ nationalities.

6. #MyUkraineIs strong-willed people.

Ukrainian athletes have won 238 Paralympic medals.
Ukraine has ranked the 4th place both at 2012 summer and 2014 winter Paralympics.

7. #MyUkraineIs vyshyvanka.

The traditional embroidered shirt is cultural code of our nation.
Ukrainian Vyshyvanka is the inspiration for a recent fashion trend in Europe.


The website MyUkraineIs is an online resource which allows users to generate content by themselves just adding interesting facts about Ukraine in the part “Add your story”.

We have formed an international group of experts who will select the top five facts every month:
- Brian Bonner, the chief editor of the Kyiv Post;
- Dmytro Kuleba, diplomat, Ambassador at Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
- Violeta Moskalu, co-founder of Global Ukrainians Forum, scientific researcher of the University of Lorraine;
- Martin Nunn, an international communications leader of White’s Consultants Limited;
- Andriy Portnov, Ukrainian historian, guest lecturer at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

There is only one representative from the Foreign Ministry among the group members, the other members are all external reputable independent experts who are well aware not only of Ukraine but also foreign audiences.

So, friends, you still have time to fill out the form on the website http://myukraineis.org/

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